Hola. Ten un día maravilloso Spanish - Hello. Have a wonderful day Coffee Mug 11oz

Hola. Ten un día maravilloso - is Spanish for Hello. Have a wonderful day well that is what Google translate told me. Now imagine this you are sitting and having a cup of coffee in your new mug and being in a foreign language someone might say what does that say. And you can tell them just what it says Hello. Have a wonderful day". If you have never spoken Spanish in your life they may think you are some sort of genius as you can now read Spanish.

Who knows what your coffee mug will bring to you. You new mug is in the national colours of Spain and it features the national flower of Spain the red carnation.

Maybe you are a bit embarrassed but you want to tell everyone to have a wonderful day - well that being what your coffee mug says you have solved your problem. Your coffee mug will do the talking for you.

People actually look at your coffee mug when there is a design on it and read it or ask what it says. Then you can tell them all without you having said a word or they now know that you are wishing them wonderful day.

Your mug is sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that'll withstand the microwave and dishwasher.

Your mug will be printed at a printing works that is closest to where you live so you will get FAST DELIVERY